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Best Wedding Venues in Goa - Destination One

An idea was born on an idle Goa afternoon. A quaint moment, when the considerable charms and energy of the fabled beach town, and the attractions that it had to offer, felt strangely incomplete.

It happens. Sometimes even the most idyllic surrounds and infectious energy of a truly incredible place like Goa can leave you wanting more. The uniform promise of ‘a good time’, the energy of expectation and the desire to indulge are often left unsatisfied by the sameness of the pleasures on offer, and it was this desire for something more, something special, that gave seed to the idea.

What if there was a place that exemplified the concept of ‘a good time’? A place that served a heady mix of all the ingredients that go into making an experience truly memorable, for everyone. A special place that was not just another location, but a destination in itself.

And that was the birth of the idea of Destination One, a truly special concept, passionately developed to bring together a careful mix of all the ingredients of a good time, with the bold aim of offering an extraordinary experience to everyone – from young party hoppers to suave lounge bar-room lizards, corporate executives to fun seeking families, sea-gazers to dance floor dynamos, and even hyperactive children. The carefully thought out execution of Destination One features an uncommon choice of multiple venues serving great food, drinks, music and excitement, in ambiance that’s refined rather than pretentious. Also, Destination One helps you to celebrate the most important day of your life with elegance and sophistication. It is one of the best wedding venues in Goa to organize an event that is well – coordinated by banqueting team to ensure a truly memorable occasion. There’s even a lovely park for children to spend their energies in.

We wanted to create a unique place where you can enjoy, unwind, meet, entertain, a place where your children too can have fun, as well as a place where, if you feel like it, you could just let your hair down and have a blast! And Destination One is the realization of that dream. It’s a very special place that you could walk into at any time of day or night, in whatever mood, and still be assured of a truly memorable experience. Contact Destination One who is the best destination wedding planner which provides the best venue for wedding.